Shopping Centres Singapore


shopping centres

shopping centres singapore

There are a great many shopping centres in Singapore offering an exceptional range of merchandise, local and imported. Most of these shopping centres are located in or around MRT stations. So it is easy to access them for a great time in shopping. Check out our shopping guide for more information on these shopping centres in Singapore.

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Shopping Guide Singapore


shopping guide

Shopping guide Singapore

Singapore is a great place to do shopping. Just check up our Shopping Guide and you’ll find out the best places to do your shopping in the island. There are many shopping malls located in the immediate vicinity of MRT stations and are great shopping destinations. You can shop all day in some of the larger malls where you can find almost anything you want.

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Shopping Directory Singapore


shopping directory Singapore

shopping in Singapore

Singapore is a shopper’s paradise with shopping malls located all over the island. Our shopping directory will pin-point the best shopping malls for your visit, saving you time and effort. Most of the shopping malls fortunately are located adjacent to or in close proximity to MRT stations. Check out our shopping directory for a great time in shopping in Singapore.

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MRT Shopping Malls

mrt shopping malls

mrt shopping malls

There are currently over one hundred MRT stations in Singapore, most of which are linked directly to shopping malls. These shopping malls sell every merchandise you can think of, most of which are actually imported. Visit any MRT station and you will likely find it connected to shopping malls or neighbourhood shops.

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Orchard MRT Station

ImageOrchard MRT Station is the busiest subway station in Singapore. It is located in the heart of the prime shopping district in Singapore. There are several shopping malls linked to this station as well as international class hotels.


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